League of Women Voters

of Greater Omaha


What do League members do?


Members of LWVGO:


*Participate in studies to help determine League positions on issues.


*Attend general monthly meetings where we enjoy lunch and learn about a subject of local, state or national interest 


*Read books on public policy and discuss with the League's book club.


*Help produce and distribute our much-appreciated Voters Guide.  It comes out before each primary election and each general election. 


*Observe elected and appointed bodies in Omaha and Douglas County for the League.  Special training required.


*Serve on the board of the LWVGO to help determine policy and guide the League.  Some members also serve on the board for the League of Women Voters of Nebraska.


*Serve as trustees of the LWVGO's Education Fund, our 501-C3 arm.  Monies to the Ed Fund are used for our Voters Guide and events such as the recent Running and Winning program.


*Help to organize major events such as the Running and Winning program for high school girls, Pushing Past the Achievement Gap lecture, or candidate forums.


*Join in fundraising for the League of Women Voters and the LWV Education Fund.  Our annual Shrimp Feed is an example of this, where all members are asked to contribute time, desserts, or attendance.


*Stay abreast of issues and be prepared to contact elected representatives.  Attend the annual LWVNE Legislative Day at the state capitol each year.


Many of our members don't have time to participate in person, but applaud the work of the League and want to show their appreciation with their dues and contributions.  We are grateful!


League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha , 1941 S. 42 Street,  Suite 501, Omaha, NE 68105

 www.omahalwv.org   402-344-3701


League of Women Voters Educational Fund of Greater Omaha

(Donations are tax-deductible)

Dates to Remember

September 9
Issues in Education
Garden Cafe (11040 Oak Street)

September 11
LWVGO Book Club
Swanson Library

September 28
New Members Social
and Garden Party
Linda Duckworth’s Home

September 22
DIne and Discuss
Olive Garden (75th & Dodge)

Renew Membership and Pay Annual Dues

*Please return interest surveys to Annette Conser to ensure that we can connect you to the things that matter most to you.  We want members to get the most out of their membership.